Walking distance

Invisible theater 'Below the Ice', Svanninge Bjerge

Experience Elliott Crosset Hove as the famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, Sonja Richter as Anna Syberg, Pilou Asbæk as the painter Fritz Syberg and Rosalinde Mynster as the less known Riborg Voigt. Follow the story of H.C. Andersen falling in love with Sofie Torp as the archaeologist Sofie, who travels with us through the ages.

Nature playground Gåsebjergsand, Svanninge Bakker

Denmark’s largest nature playground only 300 m. away from Faaborg Camping. Children and adults love this nature playground which was established by the Danish Forest and Nature Agency. There are various play areas, swings, ropeways, climbing slopes, a campfire site and plenty of space. It is a healthy and natural way to play and exercise for the whole family.

Welsh Black nature cattle, Svanninge Bjerge

Natural cattle, biodiversity and climate.
In the middle of the Svanninge Mountains, the Danish Beehive Foundation has built an impressively large and beautiful open cowshed. Here the natural cattle Welsh Blacks live – you can see the cattle on your trip around the area of Svanninge Bjerge and Svanninge Bakker.