We make delicious food pancakes, dessert pancakes, Belgian waffles and salads.

In the off-season, the pancake house is open for ordering and Take Away on the weekends: Friday and Saturday, as well as weekdays during the high season (July 1, mid-August)

From the pancake house, iced coffee, coffee, milkshakes, beer and water, ice lollies, old-fashioned ice cream waffles etc. are sold. and this is where you can also rent mini golf clubs for 18 course mini golf.

You can sit and enjoy your pancake etc. on the terrace outdoors or inside the living room or you can take it home.

Follow the pancake cart’s notice – see opening days – times and menu
Facebook page. the pancakehouse faaborg HERE

Pandekagehuset’s is open every day during the school summer holidays from 12 to 8 p.m.
The kitchen closes half an hour before closing time.closed

Madpandekage med kylling/salat.

Dessertpandekage friske jordbær/jordbæris.

Børne hit – Regnbue pandekage is, mini smarties og krymmel.

Dessertpandekage jordbær-favoritten.

Pandekagevognens egen æblekompot – til æble-favoritten.


Chokolade milkshake, jordbær milkshake, caramel milkshake.

Madpandekage – Pulled Beef, oksekød fra Welsh Black naturkvæg i Svanninge Bjerge/salat.