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Prison Museum

Visit Arresten, a prison museum in the heart of Faaborg – an experience for both young and old. Take a walk through the prison halls and experience the courtroom and cells yourself.

Faaborg Painting Museum

Faaborg Painting Museum – an architectural gem. Experience paintings, sculptures, architecture and furniture designs in the magnificent house, which was built for the Funen painters Anna Syberg, Christine Svane, Peter Hansen, Johannes Larsen, Fritz Syberg and Kai Nielsen.

The Bell Tower

The bell tower has one of Funen’s largest carillon – 38 bells. The bells play well-known Danish hymns every day at 8 – 12 – 16 – 22 in the summer season.

The Night Watchmen

Follow the watchmen who walk around the streets of Faaborg every night at 8 pm in July and August. The watchmen start their walk at the Bell Tower – it’s free to join and hear the watchmen’s songs and tales.