Hiking and the Archipelago Trail

In 2007, the 220 km long Øhavssti (The Archipelago Trail) opened – one of Denmark’s longest hiking routes.

Øhavsstien is located just under 1 km from Faaborg Camping and can be easily reached on foot. A hike on this route allows you to experience the beautiful panoramic landscapes in addition to the South Funen archipelago and unique cultural landscapes.

The trail starts in the west at Faldsled and goes up towards Funen’s 3rd highest viewpoint Trebjerg (128 m). From there, the trip goes to Trente Mill and towards Lerbjerget (126 m) through Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge. Then the path goes towards Faaborg and Øhavet and on towards Fjællebroen, Svendborg and Langeland. The route goes through forests and flowered meadows, over hills and fields, along dikes and beaches, through village idyll and atmospheric harbour environments.

There are 7 route descriptions and maps of the Øhavssti, and the marked routes will lead you through the most beautiful natural areas.

Read more about the Øhavssti here.

In Svanninge Bjerge you can meet the free-ranging cattle of the breed, Welsh Black. The cattle are calm and sociable, carefully selected to take care of the area’s natural development.

One of the many gates/animal fences to be passed on your way around the Svanninge Bjerge.

On the way through Svanninge Bjerge, you meet the natural cattle in several places.