Routes for riding

Just outside Faaborg Camping is Riderutesydfyn – a 75 km established riding trail.

The routes go through Svanninge Bakker/Bjerge, the forests of Holstenshus and to the Brændegård Lake by Korinth.
It is a fantastic natural area with many beautiful forests and hilly landscapes – perfect for a horseback riding adventure.

You can plan your route here.

Bring your horse to the campsite.

We offer lovely paddocks where you have to arrange to give your horse water and food yourself.
The price per horse is DKK 75,- per night, including trailer parking.

If you want to spend the night close to your horse, there is room for both a caravan and a tent by the paddock.
From the cabins, there are about 100 m. to the closest paddock.

Remember to buy your riding pass at

Faaborg Camping has 3 paddocks.
The paddocks have to be booked so that your horse is not sharing paddocks with foreign horses.

Faaborg Camping welcomes large horseback riding groups.

Even large horse transports can drive right up to the paddocks.

The paddocks are placed in extension of the campsite, which can be seen from most sites and cabins.